Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Steps

apply for FBN - County Recorder's Office
Apply(Pay) for Business Tax - City Services Office
Apply for Seller's Permit in the State of CA-State Board of Equalization Office
Open Etsy store
Change Pay Pal account to business
Have Credit Card verified
Make something for Etsy store

Do not get discouraged! Be patient!


  1. how do I order something? eg post cards. Not very clear that this is what they are. They are so darling I really think they will sell. What is price with shipping etc?
    Best of Luck and congrats!! on the launch. Lynne

  2. I think it's way cool that you posted THE STEPS. Plenty of people get hung up on "how do I do this? how do I make this happen?" and HERE, you've got it all outlined for them. Way to go - Davi